Friday, February 20, 2009


Very true Some people say : Wife is a HARIMAU ...............GIRLFRIEND is HARI HARI MAHU

And some say : Wife is like TV, girlfriend is like Handphone (HP)
At home watch TV, go out bring HP.
No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.
Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with HP
TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay the services will be terminated
TV is big, bulky and most of the time old, but
handphone is cute, slim, curvy and very portable at any time.
Operational cost for TV is often acceptable
but for HP is high and often demanding,
Most Important, TV got remote.. HP don't have..
Last but not least.......
TV do not have virus, but
h/p yes.....have VIRUS..once get it, HABIS LA.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My hard drive crashed

My hard drive crashed,
all my documents are trashed,
I lost my files,
years of work,
Not a single file shows,
Windows won't boot
and I can't get to the root
my pictures are all gone
and my emails are unknown

I can't restore
I checked again
I can't restore
I called a friend
bad sectors all over
My work is over
but I'm lucky enough
that I've got backup

Twilight to Sunlight

A little boy passed through the sand and soil,
There followed him a footstep mile,
Now, before him, an overview,
Of the sea before him, being new,

He reached his boat and pulled a rope,
Which was behind him, a friend with hope,
The boat before him,
Crossed into the shallow sea for a swim.

He went on while no pushing tides,
To nothing which he hides,
Had brought him to this land,
Then questioned his little friend,

"Should you cross the pushing tide,
The sea is but too wide,
Your journey will be poundered till you end,
Inasmuch, will not you know if you'll stand."

Then said that little boy,
"I am but an unseparable alloy,
To this sea, soon I will,
Set my wings and make my deal,

I will be back someday,
But I will row to the shallow ones today,
Then leave the rest for another day,
Least I try all my way."

"You've come to the very start,
Day-by-day you soon will part,
Fear not are you, when the very late?"
"Discouraged is not to be?" then he said,

"I will row the boat to the deep, wide, sea,
All I am was meant to be,
I who will later pace,
Who would not also know what I'll face,

I will cross the shallow shore,
Then row the boat to crave for more,
Rowing tide-to-tide, I will climb,
Tide from tide I'll reach the end in time."

An Erasable Feeling

It was too long that I stood here,
Too many things that you wouldn't hear,
You thought I babbled without meaning,
But the speech I uttered was selfless-giving,
I whispered into you,
You treated me like a fool for what I do,
Perhaps I was wrong about you,
For a second thought, it was right too,
It's time for my hands to release,
And my brain to dwell in ease,

Let my heart leave burden aside,
Have my thoughts reside,
I shall make allowance for peace,
To make my heart in piece,
I will let go of you,
In order to clear my tears and set my view.

Monday, February 16, 2009

including this moment,sdah 2 hari ak deme.aduh letihnyo deme.....2 hari duk rmoh xdo wak gapo,rindunya mgkin sbb ak terlalu obses nga sukantara n kes anak kucing bokali.pasa anak kucing tu,you always teman sejati 5 alpha wlpn bukan niat di hati kami mahu memigrasikan kamu dari kelas kami,but your najis force us to kick you out from 5 alpha.wahai COMEL n PANDA,kenanglah budak2 5 alpha dalam doa mg.sekian saja colehan ak yg tgh deme ni(jiwo ore tgh puah).ASKM......